Mmm light- spreading light

July 18, 2011

The brilliant Matthew Welton describes colour and light in gorgeous ways in The Book of Matthew


London Sundays

Snatches of summer in afternoon parks

are probably now as good as it gets.

Meeting beneath the clock that never works

then sloping off homewards as the sun sets

behind the bandstand must be the closest

anyone can come to finding again

the good, good feeling that will last and last

like a child’s holidays. Dusk comes. Then rain.


And love never really feels like some craze

that hits like gin, buzzes like benzedrine,

and smells as good as coffee. In some ways

all it has to be is something between

a half-funny joke and some old rumour

from somewhere around, that arrives unrushed

like boredom, wears on like a bad winter,

and which spreads through rooms like sunlight and dust.

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