The first photos from the journeys of the – in between- books.  This one dropped in the Museum of English Rural Life in Reading by Matt who writes a great blog on spaces, places and the like called liminal city, he also wrote a brilliant piece spinning out from the project. It’s nice to know the seeds are germinating out there.  Lovely photos by Sarah , much thanks to you both, can’t wait to see where the next one sets down.

I’ve also had news that one got stuck to a windscreen in Margate on a lovely sunny evening, no visual evidence yet though.

The Ben Youseff Medersa had a courtyard with tiled walkways and a hall with intricately carved white plaster walls and high wooden doors in the arches. The students rooms were set around smaller less decorative tiered landings with carved wooden bannisters and eaves opening out to the sky. The rooms were living and study spaces, small, spartan and solid with wooden steps and platforms worn smooth by the students who stood and laid upon them. I enjoyed the inset spaces, windows and tiny connecting doors. Without furniture, it seemed to me the spaces encouraged you to consider them as playgrounds, to climb over, crawl through and tuck yourself into nooks and I wondered if that was how the students lived or played there and if they would be allowed.