beautiful places

May 30, 2012

In April I got to visit Kettles Yard in Cambridge… Since I was at high school I’ve wanted to go, having seen and heard tit bits about the place and it being not so very far from where I grew up.  More recently I was given a beautiful book,  LIGHT SPELLS, full of photos of the place by Graham Murrell and Kathryn Faulkner that focus on the light changes in the space over the course of a year. The picture above is one of Murrell’s from the book…   I was so pleased to have finally made it.

We were welcomed into the space in such a lovely manner, almost as if we were at the beginning of a tale about to be told and the scene was being set for us to enter into it. Moving around the original interior, 4 old cottages knocked into one, the rooms are domestic in scale but furnishes with art and objects laid out just so. One can take a position, sit back and enjoy the arrangements in the wonderful space and light of the place. The unfamiliar mix of domestic intimacy and art gallery austerity led to a playful sense of occasion. I wonder how they lived in the space and opened it every afternoon and if they squirrelled away their clutter into clever cupboards and grand pianos.  I  also wonder why we don’t design homes with better storage, and more interesting room layouts.. The majority of home design seems to have come to an acceptance that square or rectangle is considered the ultimate shape for a room, whereas L shaped or wonky rooms can often make more useful and interesting spaces for their nooks and crannies. You can tour Kettles Yard from your seat here but it’s much nicer to visit.

One drop in a Margate carpark as the sun went down on a hot Spring day.  At the same time a month or two later on Liz and Paul’s bench in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow. Another, the morning after, welcoming someone back to their car in a multi storey.