shapes for place and space

March 11, 2013

'Swim to the Other Side of the Pool', Fiona Curran at Touchstones Rochdale

‘Swim to the Other Side of the Pool’, Fiona Curran at Touchstones Rochdale

I managed to get to two great exhibitions in Manchester in the past week, both inspiring in the making things in space sense….

Firstly, Waiting for The Perfect View, Fiona Curran at the Touchstones Gallery in Rochdale. I delighted in Curran’s painterly selection and assemblage of found and made objects (old woven and printed fabrics,hand tapestry, rubber, perspex,painted woods, rocks, feathers) that make each other’s textures and colours sing. The work arranged around the house shaped room (looks like a house when you draw it from above) used repeated and reinterpreted motifs and materials that prompt the viewer to consider the work and as a consequence, one of it’s themes…our relationship to landscape,how it’s disrupted, mediated and obscured by media, interpretation and memory….. from all angles.

Secondly, Head to Head at Castlefield Gallery with Hayley Newman and Emily Speed.

Both artists work with the body in space.I always enjoy Emily’s work and in this show I especially liked Wedged and Build-Up… that seem to focus on the tension in balancing materials and bodies. I’d not seen Hayley’s work before, it made me smile, I’d love to see her perform. I don’t have much time to say more and the links above and below say it better anyway…there is an essay here.

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