box plot printing

September 8, 2014

plot box in printing 1

plot box in printing 2

plot print

I’ve been rolling out the ink, rolling on the ink, laying flat the paper and fabric, smoothing over the surfaces and giving them all a good hard rubbing with a barren and my hands. So far s’okay.

The cotton can take the print much better than the Zercal paper can, lovely as it is. The cotton can get into the dips of the brushstrokes left on the surface from the paint job the box got in one of it’s former lives. The cotton wraps around the box with ease, when I manage to put it on correctly and leaves the box looking extra special.  It reminds me of the post in India, where I am told, all parcels are sewn up inside white cotton fabric, to keep them safe. What a wonderful way to receive parcels, I wonder if the recipient sits with a quick pick taking apart the seams carefully, refolding the fabric and storing it for another day before setting to the contents of their parcel. I would. Like a parcel wrapped and waiting, the wrapping of the box adds to the wonder and tension of the contained unit. I’m still printing and working with the box, I’m also fighting the temptation to leave the fabric on at the end of all the process.

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