Longing Cabinet and print on show

September 29, 2014

Gemma Lacey.Longing Cabinet.wood print

I’m really pleased to have had a print chosen for the Salisbury Print Open. And so from Wednesday evening (1st October) it should be possible to see the print ‘Longing Cabinet’ and the block ‘Longing Cabinet’ it was made from showing side by side* for a month.

*via a line almost straight up the country from Salisbury Arts Centre to Neo Gallery, Bolton.

4 Responses to “Longing Cabinet and print on show”

  1. Karen said

    Grats! You had me going for a moment with the comment that they would be side by side…

  2. M & D said

    I just LOVE it ,all the wonderful detail ,it draws you in ,as though travelling through the scene or if you prefer ,drawn in by draws .

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