February 24, 2016


What have I been doing since my last post…who knows!  I will try to get with it and back track over the next few weeks to catch up with myself. In the meantime you could have a look at this Patti Smith zine I contributed to – musings on the phenomenon that is the Patti Smith effect – compiled by the ace Cherry Styles or visit me at the 19th Leeds International Contemporary Artists Book Fair in Leeds next weekend.

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  1. ness donnelly said

    Hi Gemma, I hope to pop over to Leeds to visit the book fair and a couple of exhibitions. Will you be there on all the days or just some? I will have to pick up a copy of the Patti Smith zine, not sure if you know I am a huge fan of her, such an inspirational woman on so many levels. I love her music, her writing and her attitude to life, great that you are part of the zine.

    • gemmalacey said

      Hi Ness, Yes, Ill be at the book fair both days, I might be wandering around swooning at other peoples books, but I’ll be there! It would be nice to see you. I won’t have any copies of the zine with me but you can pick one up from Cherry at Synchronise Witches, link should be in the post above.

      07817 628 476 gemmalacey.co.uk gemmalacey.wordpress.com

      On 25 February 2016 at 09:14, gemma lacey wrote:


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