I’ve been working in the 5th floor of Islington Mill, Salford for 6 weeks now.

butterfly behind brown paper

swept dust

Sharing the space with the wind, accumulated dusts and a growing population of butterflys.

I’ve been making print blocks from furniture, cutting images of places I’ve longed to be.

wardrobe under fabric


This last week I’ve printed them onto fabric, the images ghostly manifest.


cabinet prints

I’m having an open studio to share the work in this wonderful space before I move on.

Thursday 15th May 2- 7pm, 5th Floor Islington Mill, no lift access.  I’ll share more here afterwards.

Baltic Artists Bookfair

June 27, 2013

Baltic Artists Bookfair

many bridges across the River Tynne


Another book fair and another great excuse to visit another lovely city.  Personal highlights were revisiting Sarah Morpeth’s elaborate cut works and discovering Maria Marcano’s stunning calligraphic pieces. Click on the blue sky above for more details of the fair.  And the sun shone on, for a week of watering the plot as the sun went down.

oh so pretty

So Turn the Page Artists book fair has been and gone and in between the rest of life and work I can assure you I’m getting together all the bits and bobs I need to finish the books I promised to post out to new homes.  It was a lovely weekend by all accounts. The sun alternately warmed and dazzled us through the glass ceiling as we circled, sat and wondered at the variety and splendour of the artists book / book arts field. The central showcases worked well to display the more sculptural works, enticing people into the space, diverting the flows of movement around the tables and breaking the stiff-neck-close-focus-rictus even the best book fair adventurers must suffer from.

I got to meet some lovely people, generous with their advice, tales and praise but am ashamed to say that as usual I didn’t get to see all the people and work I’d have liked.  From those artists I did manage to speak with Gloria Ceballos‘ wild flower work, Theresa Easton’s colourful books full of social and science history and Stef Mitchell’s caravan printing adventures all inspired.

Next stop Baltic Artists Book Fair 14th and 15th June


May 1, 2013

baikal ice 2

The frozen Lake Baikal has an ice road with actual road signs that is used daily between the freeze and the thaw. The road is replaced by hovercraft when it becomes unstable and a ferryboat in the summer.  We got to drive over this twice on our way to and from Olkhon Island late March. At times the van’s wheels spun and the driver moved off the road and back again while we held our breath, but of course it was perfectly safe, they have been driving the lake for years. From afar the water seems frozen mid-wave; in the shallows it looks like shallow waves, further out it looks like deep water, perfectly normal, except it’s frozen. If anyone can explain this to me please try.  Here are some close ups of the ice I took while walking around the edges of the lake near Khuzir.

making a space

March 4, 2013

I’ve been pontificating for far too long over what kind of space I want to work in and how I want to work, finally I’ve just spent 3 days in the space that I currently have and did some of the things I’ve been meaning to do. It was fun.


I cleared away my table and some of the many boxes of stuff that fill the studio. I knew I wanted to make a 3-dimensional response to a collage I’d done last year and that I’d also like to make some larger clay pieces of previous samples. I decided to keep things simple and only use what I could find in the room. I suppose I then cheated straight away as the sun came out and I spent half of the first day playing with the shadows it cast into the room.



Later on I used objects to displace the clay I’d thrown into blocks. I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but it’s coming from looking at canal basins and locks…places where we have taken chunks out of the ground to channel water, effectively creating sunken vessels..this links to a post I never made last year about contained water, the photos never posted are now below the clay pieces.

IMG_2302 IMG_2295 IMG_2298

IMG_1350 IMG_1349

The second day the sun didn’t come out to play so I got on with moving furniture about to reflect the space in the collage into the room…I used previous drawings to depict the foliage and made floor rubbings to mimic the strata of rock, the window was my door and the table my water channel. It’s not so easy to show in one picture….


A small space full of angles. The third day the sun returned and I spent time photographing the shadows that came around and making a drawing.



Drawing on paper of a drawing in a space from a collage/drawing. In spite of the cramped angles I’ve relished the process of working within a space and short block of time, only wishing I’d moved the desk and boxes earlier in my relationship with this present studio. Although it might make it harder to work with paper, next time I’d like to work outside so I can add water to the object, shadow,space, drawing equation.


November 15, 2012


Shutter will be showing this weekend in The Div/sion of Power


More info at http://iotart.wordpress.com

Talking about the prints I realised the influence on them of the illustrations from my favourite book from childhood, ok,it’s still one of my favourite books. The Children of Green Knowe by Lucy Boston. Her son Peter illustrated the book with drawings and scraperboard images. They are so much more wonderful and detailed than my work, but I hope that the feeling shares something similar.

and paint, see pictures in squiggles and clouds is dead.

I think my mum probably taught me to draw too, but in my memory it is Nan who stands out. Hours spent at the kitchen table practising the pictures on the table mats, trying to instil in the 8 year old me the need for subtlety of line and a soft pencil.  Memory is a changeable beast, Nan’s was for the last 8 years or so, her stories of life repeated and slowly muddled over their telling.  I remember the screwed up balls of frustrated drawings that filled the waste paper bin, tucked away behind the armchair. I think they were the first clear sign I saw that something was changing. I’m not sure where she went, but I’ve been sending her occasional postcards to make her laugh, I hoped. The words on the back becoming simpler and larger. This one was next, I can hear her laughing now.

Mmm… materials

August 1, 2011


Takahiro Iwasaki; Out of Disorder, Socks; Image WeAreTape

Random materials referencing other-worldy landscapes: Takahiro Iwasaki’s delicate pylon structures in Constellation  at the Cornerhouse and Hilary Jack’s forest scenes and people at And Scent of Pine and The Woodthrush Singing… at the Castlefield Gallery

The wood was soft and the coins went in easy with a rock. I wonder how long this has been happening and where else in the world there are penny trees