– in between – news

October 1, 2012

Duke of Wellington, Shoreham book shelf…end of August


With thanks to Matt and apologies for being so slow.

Places and Perspectives

September 12, 2012

From tomorrow evening I will be showing prints and books in an exhibition at The Gallery at  St.Georges House, Bolton. Click on the link below for more details.

Places and Perspectives Exhibition

left in the Dover Castle Pub

found, near huge swirly coffee

within the space of 2 days, news of -in between- left in Brighton and the first news of one found! It can’t be in the same pub, maybe it’s just travelled down the road, or maybe this is an entirely different book.  Why did I not insist on a number tracking system  – oh I remember, I did! Now where did I put that list…..

One drop in a Margate carpark as the sun went down on a hot Spring day.  At the same time a month or two later on Liz and Paul’s bench in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow. Another, the morning after, welcoming someone back to their car in a multi storey.

-in between- in Glasgow

April 23, 2012

I’m going to be showing work at the Glasgow Artists Book Fair this weekend (28th and 29th April). Most of the books on my website will be there for perusal and purchase including the ‘proper’ half of the -in between- edition, on sale for a princely £4.50 each. I’m really looking forward to having a mooch about Glasgow again, I might drop the last few misfits whilst I mooch.


The first photos from the journeys of the – in between- books.  This one dropped in the Museum of English Rural Life in Reading by Matt who writes a great blog on spaces, places and the like called liminal city, he also wrote a brilliant piece spinning out from the project. It’s nice to know the seeds are germinating out there.  Lovely photos by Sarah , much thanks to you both, can’t wait to see where the next one sets down.

I’ve also had news that one got stuck to a windscreen in Margate on a lovely sunny evening, no visual evidence yet though.