the sound of rain moving in

October 17, 2012

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The tentative isolation of the first drops, being gently reminded by the clouds that they are fit to burst. The awesome power of a full rainstorm, the thrill and comfort of being able to soak it up from just inside. When the rain is really hard, feeling each individual drop hit you…or maybe that’s hail.

I managed to make this new book in time for the Manchester Artists Book Fair last weekend. An edition of 12, viewed here laid out,etchings and letterpress done, ready for folding, plus a few happy accidents.

Manchester Artists Book Fair

I really enjoyed the book fair this year not only for the inspiring talks beforehand, see below, and the feedback from visitors, but also for the brief but lovely conversations I had with a few artists about their practice. They offered useful insights into their own work and in a reflective sense on mine as well. The dedication and discipline of David Barton who works obsessively to articulate the feeling and memory of what a body is in his drawings was mind blowing. It seems to be drawing as a form of meditation on the feeling of being alive within such a vehicle. His books are a wonderful and rigorous testament to his project.  Also, speaking to Elizabeth Willow, the outgoing Hot Bed Press Book Artist in Residence, about spaces, boxes and movement was also exciting and encouraging. Elizabeth is currently making Something Wonderful happen in Lincolnshire.

As for the actual talks, under the banner of Collaboration and the Democracy of the Book, almost everyone spoke about responding to spaces – hurrah! I could say more but I’ll never post this if I try so here are the links to their projects, in no particular order….

Angie Butler and Phillipa Wood

Michelle Rowley’s and Wirral Metropolitan’s collaborations with a university in Utah

Nancy Campbell’s beautiful work responding to Harbour communities in the Arctic

Sarah Bodman’s many collaborations in response to stories and places

Inside collaborations

April 16, 2012

Next week, as part of the current exhibition at BLANKSPACE, I’ll be running a workshop with writer Annie Clarkson. See below for details.

Thursday 26 April
Free, 2-5pm

Spend the afternoon responding to work and themes from the exhibition with poet Annie Clarkson and visual artist Gemma Lacey. Sharing with you experiences of their own working collaborations the artists will facilitate discussion, writing and making using some of their own creative play as starting points for creating new work. To book your place please email Nathalie.