leopard spots in mottled shade

September 11, 2013

During the summer I was able to observe at close quarters a leopard sleeping in a magnolia tree. It was a lazy hot afternoon and as I stretched out on a nearby bench the leopard shifted around the low slung branches mottled by the shade of the magnolia. People came and went unaware that a creature was at repose above them as they ate their packed lunches and had their mobile communications, even when they saw me observing the tree.

leopard lying in a tree

The leopard, in turn, observed me.


What an amazing leopard you say, to be able to lie in a tree, hold a sketchbook and also draw at the same time…yes amazing indeed and most dedicated to their art. This leopard is so dedicated to art that they plan to lie in the tree for a whole 12 months, probably give or take a week or twos worth of roaming fields and stretching. For this leopard has a 12 month residency at Didsbury Parsonage Gardens and it is such a lovely tree. You can find out more and track their situation here.

Also at Didsbury Parsonage in September, an exhibition from two talented friends. Come see!

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If Not Here Where

June 27, 2013

sugarlift 002

I’ve been etching a new plate at Hot Bed Press the last week or so.  I always forget how long the process can take if you don’t want to rush things, especially with sugar-lift. However, despite the sighs and winsome looks outside, I did have fun splashing it on to the plate and a few cups of tea later was rewarded with this beautiful crystallisation as the the sugar dried on the hot bed, see details below.

sugarlift 007

sugarlift 013

The plate is being made in preparation for an exhibition that starts next weekend, 7th July, at Didsbury Parsonage. See below for flyer and click here for more details.