whilst it’s raining…

July 31, 2013

I can list the things I’ve done whilst it’s been sunny.

glass basking

I gathered up all the glass that the soil on my plot seems to push out like splinters, in times of extreme heat or wet. Spent a good day washing each piece, my hand in the cold water of a watering can. Laying it all to dry in the baking sun whilst I scurried into the shade.

glass in tray

Recently, I walked up a river barefoot, ducking under and climbing over trees as they bent across the way. The water was clear and still or billowing particles as I moved through it, trying to see where my feet were to go. Meeting soft silt, smooth stone, slimy moss, sharp edges. They felt their way, bending around protrudences, stretching out over flats, rocking to test the balance before I shifted my weight onto them.   I set up the glass in a tray with this river bed in mind.

glass bed

And filled it with water to dip my hot toes.

toes in water

I’ve been putting these images into a book, made in response to Sarah Hall’s short story ‘Vuotjärvi’ which seems to me to be a deeply sensual and intense tale of a woman contemplating life, love and death in the face of an expansive Finnish lake ‘Vuotjärvi’. I made it for the Summer Reads competition at The Writers Centre in Norwich. Sarah Hall’s work in the book ‘The Beautiful Indifference’, and other books by the sound of reviews, articulates feelings of body and landscape, ‘Vuotjärvi’ in particular seemed to connect with my current interest in water, humans and man-made environments. More on that at some point I’m sure.

I was also very pleased to send some work over to Duckett and Jeffreys for their current exhibition – Print 3, showing in their gallery, studio and touring caravan. It looks like a wonderful spot to spend an afternoon, rain or shine