My work is concerned with the body and its environment, the contrasting ephemeral and insistent qualities of these entities and the tensions between them. I try to express the feeling within a particular space or moment and I want to pull the viewer into that.
I primarily work with drawing, book forms and printing processes including etching, relief and screen. However, I also use photography, painting and installation and often consider the impact of an idea expressed through different media.
I am interested in the physical and cognitive aspects of creative processes and consider these in my own practice and collaborations with others. Particularly I focus on the act of perception, how this is influenced by internal and external forces and also how layering of meaning affects our experience. Recently I have been considering this in relation to the concepts of home and belonging.
From Cromer to Hunstanton is a work made to document a walk I took along the coast of Norfolk with my sister. In this work prints, drawings and text are collected into a book form that reflects the coastline.
The Bridges of Budapest was a book I intended to make about the 8 bridges between Buda and Pest one summer. The bridges, all built at different times, were a great subject for a book. However, it was impossible to ignore the lush greenery that flowed over the stone walled gardens and that is what the book finally had to be about. I am wary of writing proposals that might threaten the natural flow of creative research.

6 Responses to “About”

  1. carylbeach said

    Hi Gemma
    I spoke to you at The Forum on Friday and bought two of your ‘sewing’ books- loved them! Also followed up on your poet friend Annie Clarkson.
    Two of my friends had their work at the fair too. So pleased I came along…all of the work was wonderful! The artists work diverse and so interesting….thank you. All the best Caryl

    • gemmalacey said

      Hi Caryl, TTP is a lovely fair, it’s great that you came so far for it so I’m relieved you enjoyed it and glad you liked the sewing books. I’d keep an eye on Annie, she isn’t writing at the moment but I expect her to start again soon! I’ll keep an eye on your blog too, we seem to have shared interests. best to you. Gemma

  2. Hi Gemma,

    Your work is lovely .. I have just found an abandoned etched and collographed series of text and image that hoped to make it’s way into book form at some point..I’ve just realised (as well as the painting ) that my interest in poetry and image is the pervading theme of my art work. I wonder if you could give me any advice or pointers on workshops or ways forward, I find myself quite isolated and would appreciate the input.. this link may take you to my local artist blog, but if you look on the about page, there is a link to my poetry blog ( mostly haiku/haibun ) ‘ setting fire to the landscape’ I am in the cambridge area and realise that i just missed an artists’ book fair in Norwich..if I’d come across your bog sooner …….!!


    • gemmalacey said

      Hi Nicole,
      thanks for your kind words, I’m not very up on the Norfolk/Cambridge area anymore, but I’ll have a think and get back to you on your blog.
      For now, these are a good link if you don’t already know them… Also, at Turn the Page Fair, The Old School Press were showing a beautiful collection of woodcuts and haiku titled ‘tokonoma’ that you can see on their site
      Artist’s Book fairs are an especially good way of making contact with other artists, talking ideas and processes and getting inspired, keep an eye out for more!
      best to you

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