turn the page artist’s book fair

April 29, 2014

toes in water

I’m very excited to be off to Norwich to show books and prints at Turn the Page Artist’s Book Fair this weekend (Friday and Saturday at the Forum). To see lots of lovely books in my fine home city and also hopefully to hear George Szirtes read on Friday evening at Elbow Room live. Add to that beaches, blue bell woods and loved ones, what a wonderful week it will be.

3 Responses to “turn the page artist’s book fair”

  1. Stuart Williams said

    Hi Gemma

    I just quickly wanted to say how lovely it was to have the opportunity to look at some of your work in Norwich at the weekend. I thought it was most splendid, and not a little mysterious. Your experience of being ‘On The Bus’ really stirred my imagination and has held it since: like being caught in a calm, sliver of space that separates the rustles and bustles of other places.

    With best wishes

    Stuart Williams

    • gemmalacey said

      Stuart, I’m very pleased to have done that for you, thanks for saying it so nicely, I might have to quote you in future advertising!

      • Stuart Williams said

        Please, do, Gemma! And hopefully I will get the chance to see you again, if you find yourself in this fine (but persistently flat) city of Norwich once more.

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